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Joe P.

We hired Vacetime to complete a landscaping project in front of our house that was an eyesore for some time -- I'm so glad I did! Joe was responsive, friendly, and professional from start to finish. He came out to provide a quote, provided me the terms of the work, told me when he was coming out, was literally to-the-minute on arriving when he said he would on project day, and executed wonderfully.

I'm sure on Joe's scale this was a small project, but for us, it was an eyesore (so I'm sure our neighbors thought so, too) that's been fixed. One of our neighbors knocked on our door that night to tell us how great it looked -- I certainly agree! Thanks Joe!


Paul R.

I bought my home about two years ago and have been focusing on interior work like painting and floor refinishing. The front yard, while mowed as much as possible, was a complete mess: overgrown with weeds and random flowers planted by the previous owners, three bushes/trees in the front of the house (one a Japanese Maple that would eventually destroy the yard with its size and roots), and random above-ground garden beds that were rotting.

I had no idea where to even begin on how to make my yard look better.

Enter Jo and VaceTime. He came to my house and did a thorough consultation, listening to my goals while also suggesting ways to improve them. He sent me a design idea within a few days and maintained incredible communication throughout the process.

Prior to doing the work, he responded to my questions very quickly and assisted me when I changed my mind about my end goals. All the while he was so friendly and most of all, patient, with me as I asked a lot of questions and made a few changes with what I wanted to do with the yard.

He kept to the scheduled date for the work and did an absolutely phenomenal job. I wish I had taken before pictures to show how truly terrible my yard looked. He removed the Japanese Maple tree that was between two front bushes, trimmed the remaining plants, weeded the entire area, planted flowers, built the white stone pathway, edged the front sloped part of the yard, and mulched the entire area. The price felt very reasonable as well.

I am beyond happy with the final results! I've attached some pictures.

I give VaceTime my highest recommendation. I've received quotes for work from many contractors in the past and had various work done on my house, and none of the companies I've dealt with were as friendly, patient, and thorough as VaceTime.

If you are looking to have landscaping work done, you really can't go wrong with them.

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Lorna C.

I hired Jovace for a small patio project. It is extremely hard to find a reasonably priced and attentive vendor who services the Philly area with small projects (such as mine). I am not an outdoor person so asked for a revamp to my patio that would require low maintenance and would deter Lanternflies(). Jovace was extremely professional, reasonably price and certainly delivered! Nice guy and very knowledgeable about gardening/landscaping.

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